How to write Dog Food Reviews

on Friday, January 28, 2011
How to Write a Dog Food Review
Sharing your experience about a dog food formula is a great way to help educate other dog owners. However, when writing dog food reviews, there are a few guidelines that you should follow. You want to make your review informative, unbiased and easy to understand. Here is a quick guide to help teach you how to write a good dog food review.
Sharing Your Experience
If you're writing a dog food review, you probably have either a positive or negative experience that you want to share. However, try not to focus only on one positive or negative factor. Instead, try to write about your experience as a whole. For example, if your dog doesn't seem to like the food formula, you could write about that, but in combination with other things, such as your dog's digestion and energy level after eating the food formula. Try to cover as much information as you can about your experience with the dog food formula.
Things to Include
In your review, you should include a number of different things to provide a good amount of information to other dog owners. Here are a few topics to cover:
    Ingredients - What do you think of the ingredients?
    Price - How affordable is this dog food compared to other similar brands?
    Health - Has your dog's health changed since eating this food?
    Availability - Is it easy to find this specific dog food formula in pet supply stores?
    Customer Service - If you've contacted the company, how did they respond to your inquiry?
Try to include as much information on all of these subjects as possible. For example, if a dog food formula contains garlic, and your veterinarian mentioned that garlic can cause health problems in dogs, it's worth mentioning this in your review of the formula.