EVO Cat Food

on Thursday, February 24, 2011
EVO is the grain-free line of pet food formulas produced by Natura Pet Products. Natura Pet Products is well-known for their many pet food formulas, including organic diets, hypoallergenic diets and natural pet diets. EVO is currently their only line of pet food formulas that is 100% grain free. EVO is marketed by Natura Pet Products with the phrase “The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition”.

Types of Formulas

Currently there are two different types of formulations of EVO cat food - dry and canned. EVO also offers three different types of cat treats, each of which has a different flavor. EVO's canned formulas are often labeled with a meat percentage. For example, the canned venison EVO cat food formula is called “95% Venison”.

Sources of Protein

EVO has several different types of formulas, each of which uses a different combination of animal proteins. However, upon inspecting EVO's formulas, there are always two whole meats and two meat meals included in the first five ingredients. This means that the formulas are exceptionally high in meat-based proteins, which is a positive factor as far as nutritional content.

Sources of Carbohydrates

Since EVO is a completely grain free formula, it lacks many of the common grains which are often seen in some pet food formulas. However, it still does contain carbohydrates. EVO's main source of carbohydrates is peas, which are often among the first five ingredients. There are also some carbohydrates that come from ingredients such as apples, carrots and other fruits or vegetables.

Other Ingredients

EVO cat food formulas contain eggs, which act as an alternate source of protein. Fruits such as cranberries and apples are also present. EVO cat food does contain dairy in the form of cottage cheese, which is further down the ingredients list than most other ingredients. EVO cat food also contains active cultures, which help to improve digestion.

What do Other Cat Owners Say?

EVO cat food is still one of the favorite grain-free cat food formulas for many cat owners. Many cat owners like the fact that it contains a high percentage of meats, and does not contain any preservatives. Combined with it being free of simple white carbohydrates, it can be said to be a nutritious grain-free cat food that will help benefit the health of most domestic cats.

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How Do I Convince My Parents I am Ready For a Pet?

on Saturday, February 19, 2011
Talking with your parents about getting a pet can be hard. Sometimes your parents may not allow you to have a pet, even if you think you're ready for one. So, how can you convince them to let you get a pet? Here are some tips to help you to show your parents that you're ready to have a pet!

Do Some Research!

Spend a couple of minutes looking up some information about the pet you would like. This is important, because this will help you convince your parents that you are serious about getting a pet! Check out neat facts like how much your pet would eat, how long they live and how much they cost to keep. Did you know that hamsters can live up to 3 years? Did you know that hermit crabs need to be fed once per day? If you want, you can write down these facts for when you talk to your parents.

Show Responsibility

Either before or after you ask your parents for a pet, you should try to show them that you're responsible enough to take care of a pet. You can do this by doing your chores without being asked, or finishing your homework early each night. Be sure to let your parents know that you're trying to be more responsible!

Ask Nicely

When you talk to your parents about getting a pet, you need to be nice. Tell them about the things you learned about the pet that you want, and how much it would cost to keep your pet. Also, bring up the fact that you've been being more responsible in your schoolwork and chores. What works best, is if you have a detailed plan for how you will be caring for your pet's needs. For example, if you want a pet rat, bring up the fact that you could sometimes feed your rat the extra vegetable scraps left over from mealtimes, which would cut down on waste.

What if They Still Say No?

Be patient! Sometimes, it may take a bit of time before your parents are convinced that you're ready to have a pet. As long as you keep showing that you're responsible, and not begging/pleading, your parents should eventually realize that you might be ready for the responsibility of caring for a pet.